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Expert-writers got 4.8/5 based on 63 customer reviews. Review 2019- A Student’s View of the Company

What You Should Know About

What is expert-writers? It is an online essay writing company that has been in existence for over seven years. This long existence has been motivated by the urge of helping students achieve their academic goals. Their belief that they can help transform your grades for the better has kept them going. Further, the positive reviews from past clients about how the company helped to make their school life easier has been inspirational to the service.

Expert-writers offers a wide range of academic writing services. They include essays, term papers, dissertations, annotated bibliographies, editing, book, and movie reviews. This list is not exhaustive. You can contact their customer care department for more clarifications on any other services. Being in the industry for this long, the company has managed to achieve high levels of service delivery efficiency. However, continuous improvement is a part of their competitive strategy. This is why they constantly request for customer feedback to facilitate the improvement of their services.

Is legit? This is a common question for students looking not to be dubbed by online con artists. The good news is that I can confidently confirm to you that they are indeed legit. I started working with them in my second year of college life, and ever since I have never turned back. They have been trusted companions during my college life. The following are some of the reasons I have grown to trust them:

  • They have a no re-sell policy

This assures you that any paper delivered cannot be resold to the third parties. I still researched online for the first paper they did for me. True to their word, I have never found even a paraphrased version of it.

  • The company respects customer`s privacy

I can assure you that they will not bother you with unending promotional messages. They will only contact you to notify you about a completed paper or, when a writer needs some clarifications about the order.

  • High professionalism

By interacting with everyone in the company, you can feel there is a culture of professionalism. Everyone from their customer care agents to their writers will always treat you professionally.

However, be wary of crooks wanting to take advantage of the company’s good reputation. Therefore, to be sure you are working with the right company, always type “” when searching for their site. From other expert-writers reviews I have read online there is a variety of opinions that helps reinforce expert-writers legit status. However, to be entirely sure, have a chat with their customer care department. They will answer all the questions you may have. This way, you will have enough confidence in their services before placing an order.

Website Design Review

Experts argue that irrespective of the goals a website is expected to achieve, you cannot afford to neglect usability. This is because the last thing you want is the users failing to understand what your website does. Several features can be used to assess the website. These are the attributes we are going to use to conduct an expert-writers review on site usability.

  • Mobile compatibility

Also referred to as the website design responsiveness. It measures how well a website can adapt to various screen dimensions. This is an important feature, especially with the increased usage of smartphones. On this aspect, expert-writers have managed to adapt to their website. For example, I place most of my orders using my phone. I find it easier compared to my laptop because I can take a picture of the instructions and easily upload them.

  • Ease of navigation

Any user-friendly website should be easy for the users to find the information they need. From the moment you get on their website, you find everything in its place. First, there is a price calculator to help you know how much your order will cost. Then, there is the “order now” button that is conveniently located at different positions within the website. The website is also easy to scroll because it has adopted a portrait layout.

  • Security

This is one of the concerns for users of online sites. You want to be sure that any personal information, communications, and passwords shared or used on a website are safe. So, is expert-writers trustworthy? They certainly are. They use HTTPS encryption to maintain security and protect client’s confidentiality on their website.

  • Reliability

Here are some of the aspects that I would use to describe security on an essay writing website. They have responsive customer care. So, is expert-writers reliable in terms of responsiveness? The company improves its responsiveness by having a 24/7 customer care department. In terms of reliability, expert-writers keeps you updated on your order progress. They will always inform you if there is an issue or when your order is completed.

More About Services

An important review for would be about their services. As earlier mentioned, the company offers academic writing services in areas such as essays, dissertations, book reviews, and even editing. First, let me talk about expert-writers reliable editing services. I chose to discuss it because it is one of the services that has largely benefited me. Sometimes you have enough time and morale to sit and handle your assignments. However, you still want to be sure of high grades. This is why I usually request for editing services from expert-writers. These services are cheaper compared to ordering a full paper.

How to place an Order Using 4-Easy Steps

The process of placing an order with this company is a pretty easy one. They recognize that people do not have the luxury of time. This is why this process is not only short but also a simple one. So, how does work for new customers?

Click the “Order Now” Button

By clicking this button, a form will appear where you will be expected to fill in your order details. The good thing about the company is that there is no cumbersome process of signing up. The company will create an account for you and email the details later. Your work is to upload the order details.

Get a Writer Assigned to You

After confirming your instructions, you will be requested to choose your preferable writer. Expert-writers rating can help you decide on your preferred writer. This is the writer that will be assigned your order after payment.

Pay for the Order

After choosing a preferable writer, you will proceed to the payment page. You can use their price calculator to determine how much your order will cost you. Being sure of the amount helps you avoid surprises. You can even take a step back and adjust your order details to fit the budget. Your amount should align with what is on the payment page.

This amount can also be reduced, especially for new customers because of the discount offered. Other customers are also eligible for other discounts on offer. Proceed to pay the amount indicated using one of the safe payment methods provided on their website.

Track Your Order Progress

After paying for the order, you can log in to your account using the details sent into your email. This will enable you to have a real-time chat with your assigned writer. You can have discussions about issues to be discussed in your paper. You can also request for updates on your order progress.

Place Your Order to Check the Quality (CTA) for Yourself

Is scam? While I may have provided a review of the website, why not test it yourself? The fact that everyone is entitled to their opinion means you have a chance to form yours too. Why not take that chance by placing an order with them? Currently, the company allows you to do that under their installment payment offer. You can take advantage of this offer by paying for one page and then ordering the rest after being satisfied by the work provided. Once you have placed an order, you can also have a chat with the writer working on your paper. This will help you learn about their professionalism.

One way of testing an online company’s reliability is by determining how responsive their customer support department is. Ask them questions that can help you determine the company’s credibility.

Review of the Company’s Writers

A common review is that of their writers. From the reviews I have read, none has failed to mention about their writers. Everyone had positive things to say about them. I too agree with their reviews. First, they have managed to recruit a huge number of native English speakers. The advantage of this is that whether you want a paper written in American or UK English, they will have a writer for your preference. It also means that such writers can avoid common grammatical or spelling errors. This guarantees that the quality of your work will always be top class.

A previous expert writers review was keen to highlight the level of professionalism among the company’s writers. The company must have trained their writers on how to maintain a professional relationship with the clients. The writers will always use a professional tone when chatting with you. The quality of work they provide also speaks volume about their level of expertise. I have only requested a few revisions from them. And even then, there were just minor corrections.

Process of Making Changes into a Completed Work

If you go online, you will find students asking questions like, expert-writers is it reliable? I can provide you with one simple reason as to why it is reliable. Their policy on making changes to completed work has helped convince me about their reliability. For example, once, the writer completed my paper earlier than the set deadline. I took this opportunity and presented the paper to my professor. He suggested some changes I should make on my paper. The company informed me that the changes would be made with no extra charge. This is because of their free two-week revision period rule.

Benefits of Plagiarism Free Content

The greatest threat facing academic writing is the risk of plagiarism. It has become such a massive concern that learning institutions are toughening their measure against plagiarism. With this in mind, has expert-writers taken measures to address this issue? This is a question I posed to their customer support.

I was informed that one of the measures they have in place is writers training on plagiarism. This training is offered regularly to ensure that writers understand how to avoid plagiarism. During this training, they offer them a link to free resource databases. They are also trained to use free plagiarism checkers. I have also read reviews on expert-writers that propose plagiarism free content contributes to improved writer ratings.

Also, before a completed paper is submitted to you, the QAD department will ensure they run it through Copyscape plagiarism checker. If the order fails the plagiarism test, the writer will be requested to revise it. For increased confidence, you can request for a copy of the plagiarism report from the quality department. However, to clear all doubts, you can check all your orders using an independent plagiarism checker. This is what I used to do before I grew to trust them.

How Reliable Is Their Communication and Customer Service?

An important aspect for online companies is their customer care services. They are the closest link you have to the people or company that owns the website. They are also the easiest route to getting an appointment with other departments within that company. For those with similar believes, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with customer service. How do I know this? The first thing I did before placing an order with them was having a chat with an expert-writers support representative. This can be done by clicking a chat button at the corner on your right-hand side of the website.

For starters, the response speed was amazing, considering that I messaged them in the late hours of the night. This proves that their claim of a 24/7 hours support department is true. Their customer representatives are also warm and friendly to their customers. This is evidenced by their willingness to help you with all issues. As I had earlier suggested, they provide a reliable link to other departments. For example, once I had raised a concern about my expert-writers discount code. The customer care agent had a representative from their finance department call me. They agreed to place my order in progress as they resolved the payment issue. I found this to be the evidence of efficiency and streamlined company operations.

Samples of Testimonials

“The problem I have received with other essay companies is that they do not always deliver on their promises. Before I placed an order with, I first communicated with their customer care department. They informed me of their free revision policy. They also informed me I would get my money back if the work did not meet my standards after those revisions. The amazing thing is that I did not even require revisions for my paper. The writer assigned has delivered a paper that exceeded my expectations.”

“I always thought that the testimonials from previous customers were too good to be true. However, after working with this service, I have changed my views. The positive comments by customers are a reflection of the excellent quality work received. I also compliment their customer care department for the friendly manner in which they treat all clients.”

“What I love most about expert-writers services is how professional their writers are. The writers are always willing to take the client’s input into consideration. For example, I once requested a writer to tone down the level of my paper because I am an international student. The writer agreed to revise the paper and make it appropriate for my level.”

How Do They Maintain Customer Confidentiality?

Is a good service in terms of the client’s privacy and confidentiality? Certainly, they are. Among the guarantees, the company offers its customers 100% security. The company understands all the threats clients expose themselves to by engaging in online transactions. Therefore, they have policies to protect their client’s privacy and confidentiality.

One of the policies is that your information will not be shared with any other parties. You will be pleased to hear that even the writers have no access to your information. When you place an order with them, they issue you with a unique identifier such as customer ID. This ensures that even the writers have no access to your name or email address. Also, they create an account for you to be using when accessing their website. These details are only known to you.

The company also guarantees that they have HTTPS to improve the privacy of your data. This is just one of the measures to protect you from being a victim to cybercrimes. Also, to protect your payment details, they have partnered with renowned online payment companies. This helps to ensure the privacy and security of your money and payment details. – What Should You Know About Their Prices?

What should you know about prices? I will not lie to you that they are the cheapest service in the industry. They are not. However, I can assure you that they are affordable. That one expert-writers prices review I read indicated that for the quality of work they produce, their prices are a steal. This is why affordable is a fair term for me to describe their prices. The company’s prices are very considerate of the customer’s financial capabilities. This is why they even include a price calculator on their website. You can use it to plan and come up with reasonable terms depending on your financial situation.

To prove that they care for your financial well-being, they have expert-writers discounts in place. They range from new customer discounts to loyalty program discounts. I specifically have nothing but high praise for loyalty bonuses/ discounts. I am a big beneficiary, having worked with them for a long time.

Review on Promo Code promo codes are a creative way the company has devised to help customers save their money. These are a form of computer-generated codes that you can insert in an e-commerce site promotion box to benefit from a discount for your immediate purchase. They are used to reward a customer’s loyalty or attract them to a given e-commerce site. Expert-writers coupon codes can be obtained directly from the company’s website. The discounts can range from about 15% or 20% off the service charge depending on the season.

How do you use your expert writers promo code? Once you have obtained the code, you can redeem it when paying for your orders. All you have to do is select the option for pay using expert writers coupon. You will be prompted to enter the code. The amount worth of that code will then be deducted from your total amount. I can assure you that these codes have helped so many students. If you are a new customer, liaise with the customer support department to inform you when such codes are available.

Review of the Company’s Payment Methods

The one thing I love about this company is their expert-writers safe payment methods. The rationale is that I equally care about the safety of my hard-earned money. The company has managed to dispel the client’s fears for the security of their funds through collaborating with Mastercard, American Express, and Visa. What do all these companies share in common? They are among the most famous and trusted companies that customers use to make online payments. For their client’s safety, the company insists that you can only pay using one of the safe payment options provided.

Also, the company has a strict “no cash” policy. What this means is that it is impossible to pay for services using cash. The advantage of such a policy is that there is transparency in transactions. Such records may particularly be important, especially when they allow you to make installment payments for your orders. Moreover, even though there is a record of the transactions made, their safe payment methods cannot reveal them to external parties. This is a huge plus for you.

How Does Their Refund System Work?

What do expert writers review say about their refund policy? For one, everyone agrees that the company offers its customers a 100% money back guarantee. What does this mean? It implies that you, as a client, have the chance to get all your money back. You can reclaim your payment if the work provided fails to meet the expected quality standards.

Once you place an order with them, the company commits itself to provide quality work. In the event the writer assigned to your work provides poor quality, you can request for revisions. Under their policies, this revision is free for a period extending to two weeks after you receive your completed order. During this period, you can even request a different writer to handle your work. This is allowed if you feel that the first writer has not come close to meeting your expectations.

However, if in all these instances, there are no improvements, you can raise the issue with their quality department. You will present your case for a refund based on shoddy work. Once reviews your case through their quality department, they will refund the full amount for genuine complaints. The refund is also applicable to those clients that do not download their completed work for an extended period. You can write to them explaining why you didn’t take your job and claim a refund for it. Use their services now, do not hesitate to get the best quality for academic papers!