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Essay Company Review 2019: What Does the Company Do and Is It Reliable?

Essay company is a term paper writing company that is mainly based online. The organization has been offering this service for more than five years. Therefore, the company has mastered the art of solving essay writing problems for students at all levels. I am writing this review about the company to answer the question, is essay-company reliable? They can help students with all types of assignments that professors assign. Since I received consistent quality in all my papers, I was motivated to write this review for to let you and others who need help to know that you can depend on this website.

The company helps you to be right on schedule with every assignment. They promise to deliver essays before the deadline that you provide ends. Since I had read some reviews on essay-company that stated how the company was good at delivering on time, I placed all my orders without fear. Whenever I thought about inquiring from the support team or the writer about the essay, I would log in to the account and find my paper ready to download. This has always delighted me because a few times in the past, I had been disappointed by other services that got late with my essays.

Are you asking is Essay Company trustworthy? Worry no more because the answer is “Yes.” The organization has an honesty policy that runs across all departments. When you talk to the support team, they give you authentic information. Writers also tell the truth about how they are progressing with a paper. When there is an issue, the support informs you immediately so that you may resolve it together. They also have a money-back guarantee that heightens their trustworthiness. In this policy, the organization promises to refund your money if you are not pleased with the paper that you receive even after the writer has revised it.

The Website Design Is Easy to Understand and Use

Every customer prefers to buy goods and services from websites that have a non-complicated usage. Such sites save time for the customer, and they also enable an organization not to lose customers. On Essay Company, once you visit the site, you are greeted by a welcoming home page with a menu at the top. The list directs you to other pages such as prices, about the company and order form. You select the page that you want, and within a few seconds, the website will load it. Therefore, if you were asking is legit, then it is because of the straightforwardness of every process.

The website’s home page also greets you with a calculator. This enables you to find out the price you will pay for an essay so that you don’t wonder what is Essay Company going to charge you for a particular paper. To get the cost of an article, you will need to input details such as type of paper, deadline, academic level, and length. Once you get the price that is required, you may then plan on how to load your credit card with that amount. If it is already loaded, you will also be able to know how much will be deducted when you pay for an assignment so that you may not be surprised later when paying for other things. I appreciate this feature because I love being conscious of my finances all the time. The calculator has always been useful in helping me to plan on how I will purchase assignments ahead of time. I believe this is useful for all other students who operate on a budget in college. Offers Variety of Services

Essay-company services are of different types. The primary service that the organization offers is writing papers from scratch. You provide them with instructions, and they do all the other work of writing, finding references, and proofreading. The organization has trained experts who know how to customize essays for students to avoid plagiarism. Therefore, you are assured of receiving a unique paper when you order from the firm.

The company also offers formatting service for all styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, and Turabian. The firm’s experts are conversant with the rules of various formatting techniques. Therefore, when ordering an essay, you need to specify the one that you want. Whenever these styles are updated, the organization informs its experts about the changes. They are then able to consider these adjustments when working on a client’s paper.

Essay company also offers editing services to students in high school and other more senior levels. Therefore, if you are asking if scam, you may try out their service by first ordering a simple editing task.

How to Place an Order on the Website

So, how does work? To make an order, you have to undertake the following four steps.

  • Visit the website and click the order button

You need to type on your browser so that it may direct you to the site. Once you are on the home page, click on Order Now button that is at the top right corner. This will take you directly to the order form.

  • Fill in the order form with all the requirements of the paper

The order form is detailed to help you in providing all the necessary instructions. Therefore, take time and fill in each part accurately. After you finish typing, confirm that everything is correct once more before proceeding to the next step.

You will notice that there is no signing up involved when making an order on the company’s site. This is a real time saver for students who already have tight schedules that include writing other papers, attending classes, leisure, and participating in non-academic activities.

  • Pay using your preferred method

The next step is to pay for the essay. Once you click on next, the site will direct you to a payment page. Here, you are required to select the method that you prefer among Mastercard, and Visa. The three ways are safe. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your bank account or personal details.

  • Select a preferred writer

One of the things that made me write this essay-company review is the fact that you can choose a writer. Login to your account using the details that they create and send to you via email. Once you are online, you can see all the writers who are available to work on the assignment. If you have one that did your work and that you would like to keep using for consistency purpose, choose that writer using the unique ID. Has Highly Trained Reliable Writers

Essay-company writers have higher education degrees from English native speaking countries. Therefore, each writer handles papers that require the language that he or she grew up speaking and learning until the time for graduating from college. Matching writers with essays that use English that the expert is proficient in also enables to write high-quality papers with no grammar errors. The expert can identify simple and complex mistakes quickly and make adjustments where necessary.

The professionalism of the writers also raises the essay-company rating. Every time I dealt with a writer on the website, I was pleased with the high level of professionalism that the expert displayed. We would communicate, and unless I were satisfied, the expert would not leave the chat. When it comes to issues that the writers could not handle, they will forward me to the administrators. And they informed the Essay Company writing support team about the problem so that they could take up the matter and help me. Due to this, I made sure that I used to select my preferred experts to work on my papers because of the reassurance that I would receive only the best quality.

Fair Policy for Making Changes into a Completed Work

The best way to know if an Essay Company reliable is to review their revision policy. A trustworthy website will allow for a period when writers can make adjustments for free. Some minor revisions require only one or two changes. Hence, it would be unfair to charge clients for such modifications. This means that whenever you receive a paper, you can request the writer to revise within 14 days.

The good thing about the website is that they do not limit revisions based on the type of paper. Whether you ordered for a dissertation, a term paper or a movie review, you are all entitled to the free revision period. While reading other review online, I noticed that most of them miss this critical detail. If you want to use this website, it is essential to know this so that you may be taking advantage of the 14 days when you can receive changes for free.

This Service Delivers Plagiarism Free Papers Only

The rule of plagiarism is universal meaning that it applies in all colleges around the world. You are supposed to write essays from scratch to ensure that you do not copy the works of other authors. When finding a company to write a paper, this is one of the things you should be looking for in the reviews of the site. If you want to work with this site, you should find essay-company reviews that mention the company’s plagiarism policy.

They have software that confirms the originality of papers before they deliver the essays to you. Therefore, you can ask for the plagiarism reports, and they will happily give you. The company has trained its experts to avoid the various types of plagiarism by researching thoroughly and referencing papers correctly. Therefore, even if you buy an essay using promo codes, you are assured that the cheap cost does not mean poor quality. This policy was one of the main reasons I choose the website to write all my term papers. I did not want the headache of dealing with others who promise original work and then deliver substandard documents that are not unique.

Communication and Customer Service Is Top Notch customer service is online twenty-four hours a day. When you go to the chat on the site, you expect that someone will be online to answer your questions. The website fulfills this expectation because the customer service department employees work in shifts.

You will also appreciate the fact that Essay Company support team is knowledgeable about the services the website offers, its policies, guarantees, and prices. Whatever you need to ask, they will always give you an accurate answer. This shows that the website is serious and does not just employ call center workers the way others do that are not serious with their businesses. If you want to know if Essay Company safe, contact the customer service and let them know about your fears. If you have been disappointed before, they will understand your point of view and advise on the right steps to take so that you can complete and submit essays on time. I made them my best friends whenever I needed to ask anything about the company, and they always gave me satisfactory answers. Testimonials

“I read in one of the testimonials of how that customer was helped in editing a thesis. My problem was that I had failed during my research proposal defense stage. The panel claimed I had to extensively revise my work to make it through in the next defense. I placed an order for editing my proposal with Essay Company. However, the writer assigned to my paper suggested that it was wiser if we wrote the whole thing from scratch. At first, I disputed the claims because it would cost me more. Later, I decided to test the difference in quality by paying for one chapter. On receiving that chapter, I did not need further convincing that my whole proposal required a re-write.”

“Because of the positive Essay Company reviews available online, I decided to give them a try using my calculus III assignment. It was a paper I had to derive maximum points for me to pass the whole unit. This is because I feared of not performing that well in the final exam. I made the writer aware of this. Once complete, the writer highlighted questions I should take time to study. The writer claimed that from experience, professors like repeating questions from those topics. I only wrote this comment because of how happy I am that the advice worked out well for me.”

The Website Has Confidentiality Guarantee

When you ask, “Essay-company is it reliable?” you should be looking at whether the company promises to keep your interactions private. This is very important because you do not want to order a paper and then you start getting weird calls and emails. You want only the company to have this information and not to share it with other people. Essay Company has a confidentiality guarantee that states that all your data and the interactions between you and the website shall remain unknown to other people. First, they do this by encrypting your contact details within their database such that only authorized administrators can get hold of this information. I believe the encryption makes Essay Company legit because no firm that is not serious will invest in such a secure system.

The website also uses an HTTPs system that makes it impossible for third parties to trace back files and conversations to the site. Therefore, no one else may ever know about your dealings with the website unless you inform that person. Other reviews I read in the past also pointed out confidentiality to be one of the greatest things about the site.

The Essay Company Charges Prices That Are Fair for College Students

As a student, before buying a paper from any site, you should review their prices to ensure that you will be able to afford the money. You never want to pay for an essay and then be left with no money to buy food, move from one place to the other, or even get entertainment. As a customer who has scrutinized prices many times, I promise they have one of the fairest pricing in the market. The cost of an essay depends on the number of pages you want. This is better than if they were charging for the assignment as a whole without minding about the length.

Essay-company prices review indicate that the site’s prices start from as low as $11.3 per page. Under all circumstances, this can be considered as fair. It is moderate so that the company may be able to compensate writers and run the website without overcharging clients. All the friends I introduced the site to have also commented about how reasonable the prices are. When ordering for a paper, you will notice that the cost also varies with the level of study and complexity of the subject.

Essay Company Has Regular Promo Codes

How do you benefit from Essay Company coupon codes? By placing an order with the company, you automatically become eligible to use their promo codes. These codes can be obtained from reliable sites such as You can also get in touch with the Essay Company’s customer care department and request for more information about their codes. For example, I requested they always send me a notification when there are available coupons. They offer discounts ranging from 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and 30%.

How do you redeem an Essay Company promo code? The process is quite simple. The first step is placing an order with the company. During payment, there will be an option for you to use your essay-company coupon. You will then be prompted to key in the details of your code. The respective value of your code will be deducted from the total amount. You will then proceed to pay the remaining amount for your order. Ensure you always have valid codes for the process to work.

All Their Payment Methods Are Safe

What is your greatest fear when dealing with an e-commerce site? My greatest one is on the safety of my money. I don’t want a situation where the benefits of a great deal are outweighed by the possible security threats to my credit cards and accounts. With the increasing online security threats like hacking, most clients are wary of which payment platforms they trust. On Essay Company’s website, you can see that they have Mastercard, American Express, Visa, and Maestro as their payment platforms. The great thing about them is that everyone can at least vouch for one or several of them on that list. Further, online reviews I have read about each of these payment platforms classifies as safe payment methods. They have also received positive reviews of being reliable payment platforms for online transactions.

The advantage of using these platforms to pay for essays is that your funds are secured. You don’t have to fear for the safety of your payment details or possible account intrusion. Further, they guarantee the confidentiality of your transactions. However, there will be records for you on payments made. These are important, especially when claiming for a refund or there is a payment problem with your order. As a policy, Essay Company only accepts payment made through this platform. This helps protect both the customer’s and company’s interests.

The Site Has Fair and Friendly Refund Policy

The transparent pricing system is one of the strategies put in place to eliminate fraud. You can learn more about it by visiting their website. What they have done is develop a system where the price is set depending on the grade you should expect from that order. Honestly, I think this favors the customers who demand concrete guarantees for high-quality papers. This is because in the event the company fails to deliver a paper that achieves such a grade, you can seek reprieve through revisions. However, if the changes provided do not improve the paper’s quality, you can demand a refund. By all standards, for my Essay Company review, I would call this value for money.

However, every other of their client has a right to a refund. Customers that request for a job but fail to take the completed paper can also be refunded their full amount. This is only applicable if you fail to download your completed paper even once. Also, if the article provided does not meet the acceptable standards, you can demand a refund. However, this is after you have exhausted the revision options available. All these cases should be presented to the quality department. They will review them and decide if your case is genuine. If it is, you will get all your money back.

Place Your Order to Check the Quality of Their Papers

Among the things, I love about this company is their transparent system. You can find answers to almost every question you have about them. Want to be sure is a good service? You certainly can. Start by reviewing the sample essays available on their website. Other students have written these essays. Therefore, they can be used as a measure of your progress. In short, use them to test whether you require help with your essays.

Once sure you need assistance, use their transparent pricing chart to select your suitable option. These charts highlight the prices charged per order based on the quality of work and level of study. The advantage of such a system is that you are guaranteed value for your money. Alternatively, you can use their price calculator available under the prices tab on their website. This helps you settle for other flexible pricing that caters to your financial needs. With their essay-company discount code, the deal is even fairer for you. Utilize the code to minimize the amount you pay for your order. This is a great opportunity because you get to test their quality and also benefit from Essay Company discounts.

So, do not hesitate and order the paper. Be sure that you will never regret it.